Horwood and Newton Tracey Primary School
Lovacott, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 3PU      Headteacher: Lisa Eadie     01271 858373      admin@hntps.devon.sch.uk

Behaviour for Learning

At our school we promote and value good learning behaviours.  We have developed a curriculum which develops the following areas, linked with an animal, to help the children remember them:  working together (bee), good listening skills (bat), making links (spider), being resilient (ants), being ready to learn (elephant), empathy (monkey), making wise decisions (owl) and taking risks (meerkat).

Each class has a daily “mirror” reflection time to talk about their learning and skills which they have yet to master.  This is a collaborative, supportive time of self and peer evaluation.  Every class also has a display of the learning behaviours which we expect to see.

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